Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tea for Two?

This weekend I went to Oriental Imports in Greenville, SC. I've been having tea with Gemma lately and I wanted to get a tea set. Well, did I ever! I got a very cute tea set and small china tray for cookies. At Ross, I picked up some yummy tea! The tea pictured is Nottingham Assam Tea, it's a black tea.

I filled one of the cups with sugar cubes since I don't have a thing for sugar and cream. Not that I use cream.

Yummy chocolate chip shortbread fingers!

So, after we were done shopping, Tiffany and I were at her place and I offered her some tea. The fruitiest stuff I had was Passion fruit flavored black tea. Tiffany is used to herbal teas (like, say Raspberry Zinger). So I make her this passion fruit tea and give it to her.

T: What tea did you give me?
S: Passion fruit.
T: It's not pink.
S: No, that's because it's tea.
T: The tea I drink is pink.


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