Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Special Effects

My colors and bleach kit came in!!! Yay!!!! So, as soon as the color stripper comes in, I'll strip the black and then bleach and then dye. I'll definitely take a bunch of pictures. I cannot wait to have some funky colors! Yay!!!!

First: Jerome Russell's Punky Bleach Kit. I picked up the 40 vol. (30 vol. pictured.)It comes with a tint brush, plastic gloves, peroxide, and bleach pack. I've bleached my hair before, don't worry! I just have to wait for the Color Zap to come in to strip out the black in my hair.

The two colors I picked up were Special Effects Atomic Pink and Wildflower. If you're ever going to color your hair a funky color, USE SPECIAL EFFECTS! They come out the brightest and stay the longest. It's super easy to use, you just might turn your bathtub a little purple. Don't worry! It comes out!

Also, they sent me a bumper sticker! How nice! :-) I'm going to put it on the new white table I snagged that someone was about to toss. (The pictures of my products on the white plastic table? That's it.)

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