Monday, July 14, 2008

So, it's now officially past the 72 hour mark. I've been hanging out in K-Swiss's room with Sir Tim and  K-Swiss, watching movies and CSI (whenever it's on, not often during the weekend) and messing around on the computer all weekend. Par for the course, I've parked myself on a corner of  K-Swiss's bed and stayed on my laptop. Coupled with a late-night run to McDonald's (read: finally, some caffeine for Stargirl) I'm still awake. No, I did sleep this weekend. I'm just not tired now.

I'm going to get my camera out sometime this week so I can make a new decent post for Red Cat Stills. All it's been getting lately are some pix forwarded by my cellphone (which is dead now).

I was a bad girl, food-wise, this weekend. So, tomorrow, I'm going to try and go for a bike-ride. We'll see.

Me: I eat worse when I hang out with you.
K-Swiss: Well, you don't have to eat my pizza rolls.

I have to buy him some more now. Geez.

Other than this weekend, I've been really good. Both Tim and K-Swiss said they though I was loosing weight! Yay!

Okay, I'm going to go read now. Maybe sometime this week I'll write some fiction. I haven't done that in a while. I've got an opening line in my head. I just need to fill it out.


Tiffany Anne said...

thats awesome. excercise is a great. dance is a form of excercies. your profiles says one of your interests is swing dancing. you need to come to the handlebar and take a lesson.

or i could come up to charlotte. seriously, i know some swing cats up that way.

Tokyo Pink said...

Turns out I haven't changed my profile in a year or so. Errrm... Okay, I promise to go swing dancing at some point before I go to grad school. This gives us until Sept. 2010.

Turns out my bike is "missing" so I didn't get to go. However, I did wake up early and go for a walk this morning, and Sir D., Switz, and my friend Gemma go on walks in the evenings. So, that's something.