Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Despite the beggings of Sir Tim, I've decided to blog about a recent conversation. In which Tim isn't wearing any underpants. That's right. He's got on a pair of khaki shorts and under that, a pair of running shorts. He's also not wearing a shirt. Instead, he's holding a shirt up to his chest. Why he doesn't bother to put it on is beyond me.

Tim is sensitive about his nipples. He says I make fun of them. I merely remind people of their existence. Mostly because it bothers him. When he walks into the room, he isn't even holding the shirt up to his chest.

M:NIPPLES! Nipples, nipples, nipples!
T:Gahh! *holds shirt up to his chest*
M:Why does that bother you so much?
T:I don't like you making fun of my nipples.
M:I'm not making fun. I'm simply shouting: NIPPLES!!!
M:Are you wearing shorts under your shorts?
T:Yeeaahhh.... I'm out of clean boxers.
M:So... you're not wearing any underwear?
T:WHAT? NO! I'm wearing two pairs of shorts. That counts.
M:You're going comando?
T:Noooo! The shorts count as boxers!!!!
M:Nope! They don't. YOU'RE NOT WEARING ANY UNDERWEAR. I'm going to blog about this.
T:WHAT? No! You can't do that.  K-Swiss, tell her to stop.
K:What, is she a dog?
T:Yes, tell her to stop!
M:That's it. *gets out computer*
T:No! I'm wearing two pairs of shorts. Two pairs of two shorts. I'm wearing FOUR shorts (he's not).
M:Nope. Neither pair fits likes boxers do. You are underwearless.

So, what do you think reader? Does it count? Little does it matter, because I had a fun time messing with him. But seriously, he's got nothing really taking care of his boys...

The conversation moves to other things while I get out my laptop. Tim's shirt falls again. I yell nipples again. He looks for something to cover them with (gee, he could put his shirt on....). Then, in the stupidest of moves, he finds some DUCT TAPE and covers his nipples up. He's pleased that I can't actually see his nipples anymore.

K:That's gonna hurt so bad, dude.
M:OMIGOD! HAHAHAHAHA. I can't believe you did that! That's gonna hurt when you take the tape off!
T:What? *pulls the duct tape off* AHHHWWW OH MY GOD! AAHAHAHAHA (because for some reason he is laughing while he's screaming). OH MY GOD IT'S A RING OF FIRE WHERE MY HAIR USED TO BE!!! AHHHHHAAAHAAAA
M:HAHAHAHA! I told you!!!!


This was a great night.

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