Friday, July 18, 2008

Funky Monkies

The time has come again. I grow weary of my black hair. So bland. So banal. So, I've ordered a bleach kit and two different colors of Special Effects, Wildflower and Atomic Pink. I'm also going to purchase L'oreal Color Zap, a highlighting cap, and some hair clips. I will use the Color Zap first to get most of the current black out. My hair is not naturally black, it's dyed. It's pretty close to black, but I dyed it in the spring because I didn't feel like keeping up my wacky colors and re-bleaching at the time. After I've got that mess out, I'll bleach the hair.

Don't worry, I've done it before. No chastising, plz.

Then I will color my whole head Atomic Pink! What could be more delicious? Oh, that's right, purple highlights. After I use the highlighting cap, I will make sure my bangs (once I cut them, that is) are Wildflower purple. It's going to look awesome. Pretty much. I'll post lots of before during and after photos.

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