Saturday, June 28, 2008

All Day I Dream About ... Bears?

I just had the strangest dream. One, it involved bears. When I was little, around 8 years old, I used to have dreams of bears chasing me. It was always in a different place, sometimes different kind of bears, but there were always bears chasing me. Secondly, the dream last night occurred at Belmont Abbey College. This is odd because it LOOKED like BAC. Never before in any dream I've had about BAC has it looked right. Everything was right. I'll try to draw a picture because I refer to the dorms and stuff in my dream.

So, here is my dream.

I'm hanging out in the Poelleth-O'Connell parking lot with some people. I don't really know who most of them are. I know Tiffany and K-Swiss were there. And some people. They might've been FOCUS people (who are at my school over the summer). For some reason, I think they were friends of Tiffany's. I'm standing near K-Swiss and some guy. We hear a growling sound.

"Uh-oh," K-Swiss says. I'm scared. I look over where the growling sound came from. Down the maintenance "road" that goes behind O'Connell, into the woods.

"It couldn't really be anything, could it?" I ask. "There's nothing like that around here, is there?"

"There might be," says K-Swiss. Now I'm really scared. I look over again and I see two big black shapes. It's a big black bear and a gorilla. I start calling for Tiffany. Not loudly enough to call attention to myself from the bear, and not loudly enough for her to hear apparently. I'm calling stuff like. "Get over here!" (She's next to this old horrible yellow truck. Not the regular yellow, but like highlighter yellow. And it's not car paint. It's like wall paint.) And "get your f***ing keys!!!" I'm motioning to her car. She doesn't hear me at all.

We run to the other side of the parking lot (near R.A.) and stand behind the hideous yellow truck. Sounds kinda stupid to me. I thought we should've gotten into our cars and locked the doors, but I'm following everyone else. The bear (I don't see the gorilla anymore) begins to walk past O'Connell towards Poelleth. Then, he starts walking up past Poelleth towards R.A. In other words, towards US. Ahhhhhh!

For some reason, I think that I have honey on me and he his coming for me. I check. No honey. Maybe there's some in the boxes in the parking lot. It looks like we were getting ready to go somewhere.

Well, someone now decided we need to run to our cars and get in and lock the doors. Duh. Well, I see Tiffany running over, and I start to run over. I run really slowly though, so I grab onto one of the women who seems like she's in charge. I grab onto her shirt (red and white horizontal stripes. How am I remembering all these weird details? I don't know) and she pulls me across the parking lot. It feel like I'm flying. She deposits me at Tiffany's car. It's her old Toyata. (The one she toyotalled. Hahahaha. Oh dear.) Anyway, its not totalled in the dream. I get in. I wait for a second. "Lock the freaking doors," I screech, and I reach around and push all the locks down. Then she starts driving.

"What are you doing? Where are we going?"

"They said to get in our cars and drive away really fast," she says. I notice everyone else driving across the quad towards the Poelleth-Commons parking lot. There's a white minivan ahead of us.

"I'm going to call campus security and let them know," I tell her. I look up security in my phone's contact list. I get "ts security." I look under campus. I find nothing. For some reason, the campus security number is no longer in my phone. (But in real life, it still is. I just checked.)

We drive across the quad to the other parking lot. (Never mind that there's this big chain preventing that. Oh, well, I guess someone could've taken it down.) I look behind us. The bear and gorilla are still in the Po-O'c parking lot. But they're taking note of our departure. They start to make their way towards us.

Then I wake up. And I'm struck by how odd this dream is in it's clarity, the bears, how much the dream BAC looks like the real BAC. I don't recall seeing any difference. Except maybe more trees in the quad.

Dream interpretations? Feel free to comment.

Another thing that happened in the dream, before the bear and gorilla showed up. We were packing (oh, so we were going somewhere...) and there were these real tiny rolling suitcases. They were for the babies (oh how appropriate). I laughed at that. I was talking to someone, actually it looked like the fiancee (the bitchy one) and one of the young cousins in "Welcome Home, Roscoe Jenkins" which I watched with K-Swiss's family a couple weekends ago. Anyway, I laughed and said how I could pack for a week in that if I had to, but Tiffany never could (sorry Tiff, but let's all remember Reno). I asked the woman if she'd ever seen that "Roscoe Jenkins" movie and she said she had.

"Remember how his fiancee packed?" I asked the woman who looked unnervingly like his fiancee. To let you know, she brought an unnecessary amount of luggage. Way more than Tiffany ever would. A mountain of trunks were strapped to the roof of that car and they were all hers.

"Yeah," she said smiling.

"Well, that's how Tiffany packs. Okay, well maybe not that bad." Then I talked about Tiffany would bring unnecessary items like a hair dryer and high heels on a trip like this. I can't remember, I have no idea where we were going.

That's all I remember about that section.


Tiffany Anne said...

because it is SO wrong to bring a hair dryer and high heels on a trip?

oh wait. it's not. and if i didn't have room for a hairdryer, at least let me take my spray gel.

and by the way, the red and white stripped shirt was what i wore when i was last up at the abbey

Tiffany Anne said...

Well, you are obviously trying to escape something(s) represented by the bear and the gorilla. I suppose my presence in the dream means I can help. I dunno.