Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy boy...

You will not believe what K-Swiss decided to do. About 30 minutes ago, AFTER eating dinner (MY food), AFTER using MY computer to play video games he put on it, K-Swiss decides to tell me that he's not going to be buying me anymore groceries. Nope. None. He doesn't think he should have to. After all, his mom bought the microwave. I was furious. I had bought almost all the groceries until I came home and mom and dad bought a bunch. Food that would've lasted a lot longer if there was only one person eating it. One person who mostly eats rice. He's only been buying stuff like milk, soda, bread. Oh, and hot dogs. MOST of the food we've eaten has been my contribution.

I don't have a job right now. I had money at the beginning of the summer and he didn't. So, I helped him out with food. Now he has money and I don't. But, no help for me.

I told him I'd take all the food, including his expensive soda. (Sam's cola isn't good enough for K-Swiss. Oh no, he will only drink Jones soda. He can't afford to get me Jones soda, though. I can only have Sam's cola.) He said that was fine so I packed up everything of mine in the room, food, soda, rice cooker and all. I've moved Simon's cage to behind the TV (don't worry, he's not in it. He escaped and ran away.) and I'm putting all my food on that shelf. All the cold stuff fits in the fridge, maybe not the freezer (it's tiny). Ooooh, but I was so mad, I had to write about it. Still not happy. Rrrrr

Also, now, I need a microwave. The best one I could find on Craig's list was $25, but the location is an hour away. I'd like to go to Wal-mart to buy one tomorrow; they have one that's about $35. Raaaarrrrrr. Mary is not pleased. But now, she has expensive soda and Doritos.

I just can't believe he was so selfish.

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