Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update time!

Oooh, it's been a while. I had to go check my last few posts to see where we are in the world. It was from our first night in our summer rooms. All my suite mates have finally graduated and I just now got myself a suite mate. I think her name is Sarah. I'm a little embarrassed to ask because I know I've been introduced to her and she obviously remembers my name. I'm going to ask my friend James. I've rearranged my room for the summer and I've started to think about how I want my stuff next semester. For the first time in my college career, I actually like how my room looks. My walls are no longer sad! :-) When Shana moved out, she left me her mirror, two wall hanging things (like the ones you can get at hippie shops) and her computer chair (much more comfy). I FINALLY put up my mirror with the giant, gaudy, gold frame. Someone left a perfectly good chair outside, snagged that too. I'm holding a TV for someone over the summer.

Things have been terribly stressful. I'm out of work and I desperately need money. Luckily, my father is going to pay for me to go to the doctor. Yay! I need to switch medications, boooooo. Because SOMEONE has yet to develop a cure for bi-polar. I'm very disappointed in you all.

I've got a couple job leads. I've applied to a ZILLION jobs. I'm going to apply to a zillion more until someone decides to hire me.

Classes started yesterday. Is it lame that I was excited?  K-Swiss and Sir Tim think so. I have Intro to Philosophy: Modern and Contemporary, Great Books, and Theories of Personality. My first night of Theories of Personality is tonight and I'm pretty excited. Great professor, great topic. What more could I ask for?

Anyway, I've had a headache that's lasted quite a while. I probably have a brain tumor (I'm just kidding, I hope). But it's really getting on my nerves. By "quite a while" I mean several days and not helped at all by Tylenol.

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