Monday, May 05, 2008

The Sun Is A Mass Of Incadescent Gas

Last night, I was tempted to stop studying for my Physical World final. After all, I'd studied all the old material very thoroughly; everything else had been on the last test, which I'd made a 94 on, or was really new material. I figured I could make a B.

So, I kept studying. I've just taken the final. It took me about 35 minutes. I totally aced it. It's a good thing I kept studying. I wouldn't have been able to properly describe the death of a star about the size of the sun (sm/med). I didn't make a 100, but I definitely made an A. It should be enough to boost my final grade from a B to an A.

Last night, a guy was asking me why I was studying. Sir Tim and  K-Swiss were playing video games (Runescape and GTA IV). "Because I want to make an A." "Why?" "So, I can make an A in the class." "Why?" "So, I can raise my GPA." "Why?" "So, I can graduate Cum Laude." (I think Manga Cum Laude may be out of my reach.) "Why?" It was kind of like talking to a 3-year-old. Graduating Cum Laude will make me more appealing to grad schools so they give me grants and research opportunities.

Also, here is a funny note I sent to my Trig professor (exam's on Friday).

I was studying for my phys world exam when I asked Tim when I would ever need to know the formation of a sedimentary rock. See, I thought trig had risen above something in usefulness. But he explained to me that I may be called upon at any time to use this so-called "useless information" to stave off tragedy/disaster. The MacGuyver Principle. And since Dr. Cote explained in class how MacGuyver was an ideal fit Sternberg's model for intelligence, I decided that learning all these things is really quite important, if not a necessity.

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