Thursday, May 01, 2008


This morning, during my incredibly short sociology class (it's the last day of class), my professor asked if anyone was taking any sociology classes next semester. I'll be taking demography. I'm actually the only student in the class taking anymore sociology classes. I guess everyone else just took it because it's required (you have the option of intro to: psych/soc/econ). I took it because I'm a psychology major and I have to take some sociology courses. I'd like to take more actually. One student asked him if he was teaching any courses next semester other than Intro to Sociology. Dumb question, really, because Dr. Lodge is the chair of the Sociology Dept. So, umm, yeah, he's teaching a couple upper-levels. Demography is a 400-level and he wanted to be sure I was going to be a junior or a senior next semester (I'll be a senior). He's also teaching deviance, which will probably focus on the medicalization of deviance. I wish I could take that course, but I'm already at 16 hours.

If I had the money, I'd do another semester and minor sociology (and spread my classes out a bit. It'd be nice to be less stressed). That would be awesome. I wish I could. After next semester, I'd need two more classes. I'd like to take Deviance, Cultural Anthropology, Social Inequality, Social Problems, Sociology of Medicine...

Maybe I will. Maybe some how I'll come into money.

Probably not! Lol.


Anonymous said...

All of those classes look booring :)

Anonymous said...

So, what do you think of GTA?

Tokyo Pink said...

Noooo, they all look reeeallly cool. Seriously, though, they do to me. I am fast becoming a social science nerd.

I haven't played GTA. Kevin has. Relentlessly. It's violent and quite humorous at times. What can I say, the guys dig it.

Now, lets combine the two. Does the release of games from the GTA series coincide with an increase in the incidence of reckless driving in males aged 16-25 (heck, 16-35 even)?