Saturday, May 17, 2008

College Dining At It's Finest

So, the dining hall is closed, but I'm here all summer. We've got to get creative with cooking. Sir Tim ate ramen noodles and cereal all last summer. Yeah... no. I've got this little cook book, 101 ways to cook ramen or something like that.. It's got a lot of good recipes, so I'm keeping it in mind, but I've also realized that whatever you can make with spaghetti, you can make with ramen (it's just not as good).

Last night, K-Swiss and I went to Wal-mart and bought a some to last us until we get more money... in which case, we can add real meat to the diet. We both brought $20 to the deal and got enough food to last us at least a week. Maybe. Unless we get really hungry which is a distinct possibility. That was enough to get us oatmeal, juice, wraps, ham, pepper jack, shredded parm, olives, tomatoes, olive oil, butter, mayo, mustard, ranch dressing, soy sauce, pears (yum!!!). What else... I don't remember. Anyway, it was pretty good for under $40. And, we'll be able to eat better than the average college student who has to cook for themselves. As soon as we get more money, I'm getting eggs, milk, bread, salad, garlic, MEAT. And maybe a frozen pizza. A cheep frozen pizza. Oh, and popsicles. (duh.)

For dinner last night, I made pasta with ramen, olives, grape tomatoes, olive oil, shredded Parmesan. It was really quite yummy. Not bad for having to cook out of the microwave.

Okay, and yes, the picture is extremely blurry. Get over it. I took it with my cell phone. You take Nortriptyline and Depakote at the same time and see if you can take a steady picture.

We had wraps for lunch today: ham, pepperjack, some olives and tomatoes, mayo and spicy mustard; some cheesy tuna pasta for dinner. Okay, the cheesy tuna stuff wasn't that great, wasn't bad... mediocre, but it was filling.

Actually, we had kind of an early dinner. And, speaking of food, I'm hungry. I was thinking about making more pasta, but oatmeal would be much easier.

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