Friday, April 04, 2008


Yeahhhhh, so I didn't buy batteries. I bought alcohol and chocolates. Kinda like batteries, but not.

I want everyone to see Anders loves Maria. It's a web comic I stumbled upon. I love the drawing style. It's still really short, which is disappointing. You can read through the whole thing in a couple hours, max, which is not something you can say for QC, XKCD, or Qwantz. So, it's alright, yeah?

I had a Developmental Psych test today and a Cognitive Psych take home test due tomorrow (I just finished!!!) so, my brain is feeling a little drained. What, you say? Take home tests, not so bad? Oh, my.... you must not know Dr. Cote, who is, no doubt, super awesome and having her as my advisor and professor encourages me to do well. But, man, those tests are hard. Took me 5.5 hours to finish. The last one, I think I did better on. I don't want to hope, though.... For the last test, I thought I made a high B... I made a 98. I feel like I made around 80 on this one... so maybe I made a 90? I dare not hope. Just in case I actually made a 70. See, it's on thing having take home tests that are simply regurgitating information, but there's a lot of integrating information and drawing on different experiences. Blah blah, yeah. But, I'm just glad it's done.

Tomorrow is the Central Carolinas Conference in Psychology, so I don't have Cognitive Psych in the morning. Also, we didn't have classes on Wednesday for the Feast of St. Benedict (yeahh, you know you wish you wuz at a Catholic school) and I accidentally slept through class on Monday. So I'll have been out of Cognitive for a whole week (2/3's of which = not my doing).

This weekend I'll probably have to study math... aaallllll weekend. How sad is that? I've got a test on Monday and there's some stuff I totally don't get. Luckily he drops the lowest test grade. I love professors who do that.

And, anyway, I'm totally lying. I'm gonna play video games too, of course!!! I've been surrounded by the sounds of Call of Duty (haha, doody) 4 for the past, oh, I don't know, lifetime. Imagine taking a test in that environment. Well, I'm used to it.

Okay, whatever. I'm going to bed. Night!

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Anonymous said...

I've got to get that game, that's what all the cool kids are playing now.