Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mind The Gap

So, lotsa posts tonight. Hmm.

I'm playing with the Gap Minder right now. It's really really interesting, if you're into sociology and stuff. Its a graph and it maps things like Infant Mortality Rate against Income Per Person and things like that for every (or nearly every) country.

When you do Life Expectancy at birth and Income Per Person, you'll see that a bunch of African countries going down recently. That's AIDS. The life expectancy of Rwanda, at one point drops to 24. That's the genocide.

Brunei though... this has been puzzling me. The income per person shoots off the chart in 1978 for a year or two, and then levels back out to where it was before. What happened? I have no idea. If anyone knows, I'm really curious. I couldn't really find it online. I didn't do THAT much research, though. I'm kinda tired.

Actually, I think I'll be going to bed tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Don't quote me on it, but I believe the Sultan Of Brunai took control of all the corporately owned oil fields in 1978.