Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Roles of Gynoid in Science Fiction

"The November 13, 1959 episode of The Twilight Zone was titled The Lonely and deals with James Corry, a convicted murderer sentenced to 50 years solitary life on a barren desert planet. Allenby, the captain of the rocket which delivers supplies once each year, takes pity on Corry, and leaves him with a gynoid named Alicia who is indistinguishable from a live woman. Corry eventually finds that she makes his life much more than bearable, and falls in love with her. Things go well until one day Allenby returns with news that Corry has been pardoned, however the rocket is already near full capacity, and Corry is only allowed to bring 15 pounds of gear. Corry protests when he realizes that Alicia exceeds this limit, and will be left behind. Allenby shoots Alicia in the face, revealing ruined, smoking wires and components, and tells Corry "The only thing you are leaving behind is loneliness"."

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