Friday, April 04, 2008

Christmas Lights

Here are a couple pictures of The Pelzer Light People and then two pictures with Christmas lights. I just like them. YES, I understand Christmas was a while ago. But, surely you realize that time is simply an illusion. (Take it from here Lady Tiffany.)

Also, some photos are blurry. Tooooo bad. I like Christmas light pictures to be a little blurry.

The Pelzer Light People's house. Some of the other houses in the neighbor hood were decked pretty well, too. Not as many as I saw last time I went. People just don't want to take the time anymore.

If you want, they'll get you a jacket and you can be a light person for a little while!

A picture of some Light People as we were driving up.

Our Christmas tree!!!!

This is a plant thing we have, made of Jade I think. I'm really not sure. Anyway, Dadders decorated it real nice.

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