Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wow, a disproportionate number of students at my school are sexist. Guess what? I'm going to wear pants. And if I feel like wearing a skirt, and it's above my knees, I'm not going to feel guilty for your inability to control your lust.

A student at my school wrote a note on Facebook saying: The following note is a cry for help. It is a call to all girls at Belmont Abbey College and across the facebook network. Please take the time to read this.

In the Bible, Jesus said in the book of Matthew

27"You have heard that it was said, 'Do not commit adultery.'[a] 28But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. 29If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. 30And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell

Judging by the contents of the preceding passage, I would assume that Jesus was pretty serious about Lust. Men are called to hold up women to be princesses until one day they get married and become someone's queen. Men are called to be virtuous and holy and to help women on their path to heaven.

Women of the campus, I beg you. If you want guys to treat you in a manner befitting a princess, you have to play the part.

I'm asking you, women of BAC and of the world, please help us men to treat you better. Please help to take away those temptations that cause us to think of you lustfully. Please help us to think of you as upstanding women of Christ, beautiful as you are.

EVERY person is made in the image of Christ. Please maintain that image and help us guys by dressing modestly so we can actually focus on your inner beauty and not the distractions that should be kept for the bedroom.

To which I responded: I'm shocked and appalled at your request of subordination due to your inability to control your sexual thoughts. (short and sweet. What more is there to say. I should have just complained quietly and not responded and just stayed out of it, because the above post is going to be argued at the dinner table for the rest of this week).

A friend of his replied (this is a segment):
I’d like to break down the argument of your note into layman’s terms, so you can understand just what it is you’ve said, and why people (especially women) might be upset about it:

“Hey, ladies, maybe if you’d all stop dressing and acting like a bunch of whores, we’d stop treating you like a pile of flesh! We can’t help ourselves when you dress that way and it makes us just want to have sex with you. So, if you could help us out here and start covering up your boobies more, we wouldn’t hit on you so much and we could all be more like Jesus! Kthnxbye!”

Matt, have you ever heard of “blaming the victim?” It’s when you illogically blame the victim of an unjust act for that act. Men who physically abuse their wives often blame their spouses, i.e., “Why do you make me hit you?” Rape victims are often accused of “asking for it” because of the way they were dressed or acting.

And, disappointing enough to me, most people agreed with the former point of view. If a girl wears something that causes a guy to lust, it's her fault. As the latter author pointed out, this is disturbingly similar to rapists saying that it was the victims fault. Guess what? If I wear a tank top, and you spray your shorts, it's not my fault. Perhaps by being overly puritanical about sex and sexuality, focusing on all that is negative, people begin obsess over their lustful thoughts.

Further, this is a wall-to-wall between me and another student at my school. For some background: HM wrote a comment to the above argument in which he stated the sentence I quote in the first post below. You know it wasn't me saying that. Look at that grammar!!! j/k

Stargirl wrote at 11:15pm
"If the PC goal is to bring up the status of women everywhere to that of men(which btw really isnt necessary but i digress) then women are hindering their own mission."

So, are you being sarcastic or are you really that sexist?

HM wrote at 11:46pm
I think you misinterpreted me. Plz refer back to the note.

Stargirl wrote at 1:03am
If there is no gender gap, then why did it take so long for a women to run for president? (This is particular to America; there have been over 45 female heads-of-state in other countries.) Why do women get about 70 cents for every dollar men make in the same exact job. If you take a look into a board room of the average company, you will find mostly white males. Significantly fewer women; not even half, not even close. The work of feminists is to bring us up to being equals; to show that women not longer have to be submissive.

To dictate our dress because a man lacks discipline is ridiculous.

HM wrote at 1:33am
if you really wanna take that root then I'll hafta argue that women have a far more diverse choice of lifestyle than men. The idea that a man could be a homemaker or could be a flight attendant is far less accepted than that of a woman being an executive shareholder in a company. All men are expected to be lawyers and businessmen. The reason that their are fewer women in the business world is because women have the choice to be a stay at home mother or become a business woman. Absolutely neither of which are bad in any way. No woman should be faulted for picking either choice. If a man though is stay at home then all of a sudden in the eyes of society he is less of a man. Seriously don't even deny that because it really is true. Women have far more choices than men do. And in politics if any male ever even hints towards not giving women some right no matter what or how absurd it is, that person more often than doesnt win the next election because there is no room for anti-feminism.

Stargirl wrote at 2:11am
There is a difference in the *inability* to break the glass ceiling than the *choice* to choose an occupation that is archaically specific to the other gender.

Further, the number of men choosing to be stay at home dads is increasing as we attempt to level out the playing field of gender roles. It is no longer looked down on (unless you're saying you look down on it). "In many parts of the U.S., "stay at home dads" have dads' playgroups available. ... Existing playgroups had already been created to benefit "stay-at-home moms" and their children. Many of these groups readily accept dads."

As far as politics go, there are plenty of politicians who believe that we should strip women of one particular right: abortion. Now, I am NOT condoning abortion in the least degree. However, one huge pro-lifer, President Bush, continued to a 2nd term in office. The pro-choice candidate was not elected.


Anonymous said...

Aw, Mary. You're a princess no matter what you wear.

Tiffany Anne said...

D, you are such a doll. Mary is a princess. But, like, 2nd to the throne. I don't care if she is older than me.

I think it is one thing to dress as you wish and a whole 'nother think to dress like a ho. Mary has magnificent ta-tas. They really are. And she will sometimes wear shirts that show them off. Now, any man with eyes will have eyes that travel over to view them. I mean, heck, I look at 'em. But if that is so lustful and out of control that he would--and I quote ye--"spray his shorts," then perhaps he should remove himself from the situation.

But, really, as far as I've notices, the ladies of BAC don't dress like hoes. I have never ever seen a buttcheek on any of my visits.

Granted, there are some girls that definitely need to put on more clothes. And, yes, I do understand what your schoolmate is getting at. It has been said time and again in various books. Tomes have been written on women being modest in order to help the man. (Tomes may be a bit of an exaggeration...)

To be honest, I'm okay being a princess, but I never really did want to be a queen. Queens are old and stuffy, you know? Equating being a wife with being a queen doesn't make it appealing. I'd like to be a wife, yes. A queen, no. A princess? With a tiara? Heck yes.

okay...i'm done rambling with no point. ;)

Anonymous said...

Not a doll, I'm an action figure! :)

Anonymous said...

An action figure with over 16 points of articulation.