Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well, I pulled out my Brain Age and Big Brain Academy. I hadn't played them in a while, but in psych we were talking about the stroop test, and that is one of the activities on Brain Age.

So, I retested myself, and my brain age has dropped significantly. It was 20 years old. Young and fit. Appropriate for someone as witty and brilliant as myself. Well, today I tested in at 41 years old. The neuro-scientist who runs the test told me that I needed more practice. Well, we can all use a little more practice. (I NEED MORE PRACTICE, SIR!)

My Big Brain score dropped from a B- to a C+. Not as bad, not at all. So, I'm going to try and do the activities a few times a week again. It's fun. Good for beefing up my cognitive brain functioning. We all love a beefy brain, you know.

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Tiffany Anne said...

Maybe you are just getting wiser. Like Dad. Ha-ha.