Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Boy, there sure is a lot of diversity in views when you take a sexuality course. A night sexuality course. So, the students consist of tradition college students, some who are Neocons, some who are v. liberal. Then, there are the grown adults with families of their own, who have both their sexual experiences and dealing with their children's sexuality. There's the former PKs-- I'm pretty sure that only applies when you're young. Once you are grown, I don't think people still refer to you as a PK. But, you still might have that good 'ol southern baptist conservative way of thinking.

Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say that masturbation is wrong.

Is teaching masturbation a good means of sex ed? Especially since abstinence only sex has been empirically shown to NOT WORK.

Now, those are heated topics.


Anonymous said...

oh my.

Tokyo Pink said...

I know, right? You'd love this class. (*sarcasm*)

"My name is Mary and I'm a sexual being."