Saturday, December 29, 2007

So, I've finally got my finalized schedule for my little road trip. --Dad says it isn't a little road trip, it's a big road trip, but I suppose he's just worried about his little girl. But, then again, when he was 19 he drove from Michigan to California. Hmmm... :-) -- I've modified it greatly, so that it resembles a visit to Virginia more than an actual road trip. I've decided to hold visiting PA for a while; I may tag along with my sister when she goes.

Anyway, on the 4th, I will be leaving here at the ungodly hour of 7 am, carrying all I need for school, and of course, coffee. I'll stop at my school on the way up to drop off some school things, get more coffee, and pick up my new mouse from the school post. How else will  K-Swiss and I play Diablo when we get bored? You really cannot play it with the touch pad.

I will make my way up to Maryland to visit my friend, Andrew. I'm totally stoked. I haven't seen him since exams were up last May. I'll stay there overnight. On the 5th, I'll make my way down to Virginia to visit  K-Swiss. We'll hang out until the 13th (which is why this resembles more a visit to VA than an actual road trip).

On the 13th, we'll make our way down to Durham where we'll meet up with Tim, Sir Tim, and Abbey. We will hang out there for a while before making our way to our final destination -- Belmont Abbey College -- with Sir Tim and Abbey. Then, I'm quite sure,  K-Swiss, Sir Tim, and I, will situate ourselves in  K-Swiss and Sir Tim' room and play video games all night.

I'm quite excited really. I can't wait to visit all my friends and I really can't wait to see  K-Swiss. I'm looking forward to the start of the new semester.

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