Thursday, December 27, 2007

So, I may be going on a little road trip. It started out with visiting  K-Swiss in Virginia for a few days before school starts back up. Then, my sister put the idea of visiting a friend, Michael, in Pennsylvania. Then, I was like, why not, lets throw a few more people in the mix. Want me to visit you, too?


So far, the only ones I know for sure that I'm going to visit are  K-Swiss and Andrew, because I haven't heard back from Michael yet.

So, the cities in the list right now are
  • Setting out from GREENVILLE
  • Stopping in BELMONT (doesn't really count. I've just got to go by my dorm for a minute)
  • ROCKSBRIDGE BATHS for a few days
  • ANNAPOLIS or that general area for a night maybe
Then we either go back to Belmont (maybe crashing in VA for a night again) or to PA then back to Belmont (crashing for a night in VA, if I can).

I'm just uber excited. I reeeallly need to get out of Greenville. It's driving me stir crazy. And making me more than a little depressed.

You know what I think? I think  K-Swiss should come with me and we should go to Chicago. That would be basically the best idea ever. However, I definitely have a financial limit. Maybe next time.

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