Thursday, December 20, 2007

I've forgotten how bored I get being at home. I've been alone in Tiffany's apartment all day. I woke up at like 5 am and couldn't go back to sleep. I read for a few hours, then went to my parents to get my car (I was borrowing Mom's). Came back and got online for a while. Worked on a project and then took a nap. Woke up, ate some pizza and messed around online some more. Worked on the project some more. Now, I'm bored again.

I don't have my mouse, so I can't play Diablo II. I've bought all my books for next semester. I've posted to my blogs. Written a letter. ;-) Caught up on the online comics. Stumbled. Rrrrr. I'm bored. I wish I was back at school. At least then I wouldn't be alone and bored. I could be bugging  K-Swiss about being bored.

The next few days should be OK. Tomorrow, I have to work in the AM and then there is a party at my parents in the PM. Saturday, I'm going to go see a movie with Jeff then returning to Greenville to hang out with some old high school friends. Yikes. We'll see how that goes. Not sure if I really wanna see some of these people again. On Sunday, I'm off. Maybe after church we'll go to Gene's again. Then, Christmas Eve. Working last minute on gifts. Then, Christmas. Woooo. I've got the 26th off, too, for a "Crazy Hat Party." Not sure what it is, but I'm wearing my drinking sombrero. (The sombrero I wear when I drink.)

Then, I'll have two weeks of work and boredom. Then, hopefully, and best of all, I'll get to go to Virginia and visit  K-Swiss. It's nice to have something to look forward to.

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