Monday, December 31, 2007

I Googled Your Mom

Someone totally Googled my mom! Someone from the Philippines, so it was probably a relative. Actually, I don't know which of my relatives over there have internet. Some of them are really poor. Anyway, I was tracking my poetry blog and I decided to see what key words people had used to find my page and the only one (it's not really a highly trafficked site) was my mom's name.

How bizarre, how bizarre.

Oh, also, someone StumbledUpon this page. That is certifiably bitchin'. No other way to put it. That means that someone who has StumbleUpon has been to my page and clicked the thumbs up button on their browser. Yessir, movin' on up, I am.


Tiffany Anne said...

I thumbs up'd your page. Just once though, even though you deserved it twice.

Tokyo Pink said...

I'm not sure you can do it twice. At least, not on the same computer. The browser remembers what you've thumbs up'd.

Tiffany Anne said...

Yes but, I did it first.

Tokyo Pink said...

And that is what counts, m'dear.:-) I'm going to thumbs up your page now. FROM EVERY COMPUTER IN THE LIBRARY!!!!!!!!! Well, probably just the one I'm at now. I'm kinda lazy.