Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's been a bad week. This is why I haven't been posting anything original. I missed my appointment last Friday because of car troubles that I, happily, sorted out myself. Yes, it is possible. :-D I have an appointment for Tuesday afternoon. This way I won't miss any classes.

Sometimes, I have this mini-attack/breakdown thing-ys. I'm not really sure how to explain them. I freak out and flip. Definitely interferes with life as we -- I -- know it. I am filled with such tension that I want to snap. Confusion over what is going on with me. It happened on Tuesday morning and Wednesday night.

Right now, I feel normal. As normal as possible. Not dizzy or shaking. Don't feel like crying. It's nice. I just finished watching some Firefly with a friend.

I want to get out and go somewhere. Maybe run around Charlotte again or climb Crowders...

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