Friday, September 14, 2007

So, we're playing this game called Assassins. Everyone playing is assigned a target by an anonymous moderator. (I'm pretty sure it's Ragusa this time.) You have to hit your target with a clean sock to kill him/her. It must not be a sock you are wearing, it MUST be clean, it has to come directly from your hand (no leaving booby traps or whatever). There are a few safe zones: your room, your suite hall and bathroom, the breeze ways in your dorm, all academic buildings, all religious buildings, and the Commons (cafeteria). Most people are killed in the quad, directly outside the commons, or in the coffee shop.

Also, you cannot kill your target while you are safe: this means that you cannot kill your target in your own room. While they are not safe, you are.

If you hit your assassin with a sock, you are granted a six hour immunity.

Anyway, so we're playing this game. My target has gotten immunity. I gave it willingly because we were in a standoff in the Wm. Gaston Science building. Plus, I know where he's going to be tonight, and he will be drunk. :-)

A bunch of guys like to get together and smash (play Super Smash Bros) in one friends apartment, so the guys who live in that apartment have implemented a weapons check for all entering their dorm.

You see people sprinting around the quad and hurling socks at each other. Many people are afraid to leave the caf. It's most amusing.

I'm still alive, which is pretty good. Out of 70ish players, 30 were killed by lunch today. We started at 6 pm last night.

So, we'll see... I genuinely hope not to die, but either way, observing the paranoia is most amusing.

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Anonymous said...

i'm jealous, that sounds like so much fun!