Saturday, September 08, 2007

So, Friday night was the President's Ball at Belmont Abbey. I wish I could tell you that I have many pictures of me and my date and how stellar we looked. Ummm, I don't. But I'll tell you all about it!

I put some tiny braids in my hair and curled all the rest with a skinny curling iron, looked pretty darn good. I may have a photo of that somewhere, but I've got to upload it first. My dress was a Gunne Sax vintage. Strapless, pink tea length. Oh, and amazing. It was amazing.

K-Swiss was wearing an off-white linen suit with a salmon shirt and silver tie. Truely, we looked out of this era. It was delightful.

We were going to eat at Portofino's but the wait was very long. 30-50 minutes. Ha! No. We went to Sakura where we waited about 15 minutes, but we waited at the bar where I enjoyed a Dissarono Sour. :-) Yummmm.

We started with a seaweed salad topped with octopus. For the main course we had a tuna roll and yellow tail nigiri and a Flamingo Roll (woooo!) which was composed of tuna, super white tuna, and crab inside. :-) It was fried and topped with curry sauce, shredded crab meat and avocado. Simply delightful.

It was  K-Swiss's first experience with sushi and he thought it was delicious! Yay! I was very excited. I love introducing people to sushi. Although, when we got there, he made a bit of fun when I asked what he wanted. "Let's just get some California rolls," he said. When I worked at the sushi restaurant in Greenville, I would get irked at young kids who ordered water and California rolls. The bill was never more that a fiver a-piece. Ridiculous.

Anyway, we got to the ball at 9 o'clock. We did the rounds, greeting professors and friends. I went outside to get a wrist band and some tickets, which one could exchange for beer or wine. And, boy, did we dance. I swear we must've danced to every song once we got out on the dance floor!

We were outside at a table with friends when Jimmy, with the lurrvely blue eyes!, comes over and dances with me. After he leaves, I teach Sir Tim;-) and  K-Swiss a bit of swing. Then,  K-Swiss and I go inside and dance dance dance (the night away!), it was fabulous! So so so much fun!

When the band took a break,  K-Swiss and I took a quick beer run. I only had a 5-pack of Sam Adams (hehehe) and some liquor. We needed more beer for sure. So, to the Circle K where patrons were bemused to find a little Asian girl in a fluffy pink gown buying two cases of Yuengling. (Of course, now, I don't have to buy beer again for the rest of the year.)

We returned and danced again. I've never had so much fun at a dance before! I swear, unless he gets a girlfriend, I've got dibs on K Swiss for future balls. I've never had a date that wanted to dance before!

At midnight, we made our way to someone's suite where we drank and hung out for a few hours. It was only seven of us, so pretty low key.  K-Swiss and Sir Tim. went to get snacks while Ann and I took the rest of the libations to another suite. When everyone had returned, a n00b had tagged along. Great. When we all introduced ourselves, I gave my name as StarGirl. Sir laughs and says: "I love you, Mary!"

There isn't much else to say. We drank and talked for a long time. After everyone else left,  K-Swiss and I went for a walk around campus. I absolutely love taking night walks around campus with friends. Definitely one of my top five pastimes.

After the walk, we retired, as everyone else had. I think we all slept until noon and then went to brunch in the caf.

All in all, a really wonderful time was had by all. (At least, everyone who's anyone!!!)


Tiffany Anne said...

dangit i wanna cool nickname.

and i want to dance with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Stargirl sounds kinda fruity...