Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I just lurrrrrve hanging out late late late at night.

Tonight, we went just hung out around campus for a few hours. Coffee shop, then back to Sir Tim and K-Swiss 's room. Then we went to McDonald's because I missed dinner.

I was feeling really really sick today. Extremely nauseas. I probably slept from 3-6 pm. It sucked hard core. I had to skip English. Thought I would throw up in class.

Anyway, when I woke up I felt a little better.

So, after McDonald's we sat and ate in the quad. Sir Tim found some wood and carved a really shitty looking sword out of it. Turns out the wood was a part of one of the new desks. Well, why did they put all that by the trash cans????

Watched Wayne's World because RAY had NOT seen it yet!!!!! Crrraaazzzzzy. Then Robot Chicken. Mucho hilarious. Then to Smashing. (Super Smash Bros. where you can play a number of established characters, i.e. Peach, Link, Jigglypuff, Mario, Marth, etc and they all wail on each other.) After an hour of smashing, it was 2 am, so we headed back to the dorms (smashing goes on in Mason's apartment, there are apartment dorms on campus).

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