Wednesday, September 12, 2007

From this point forward, I am ne-he-hevvver taking someones advice about which professor to take if it is counter to what near everyone else on campus claims.

So, my dear dear friend Andrew lurrrves Dr. Fowler. Says that I simply must take his class. This is echoed by my suite mates. He's brilliant! They exclaim.

I must admit, I am curious. Everyone else on campus seems to hate him. And, well, he doesn't look all that pleasant... But, I have high regard for Andrew's opinion, so I enroll in Dr. Fowler's EN 201: English Literature. You know, Beowulf, Chaucer, Milton, etc, so forth and so on....

I tried, dear reader. Genuinely, I did. This man is sure to the the most angry, loathsome, ornery professor I shall ever have the pleasure of meeting. His lectures consists largely of explaining to us how we will fail because all we are all ignorant and we do not care.

Gee, I'm real sorry that I didn't know who the Cavaliers were... (Royalists, it seems). Really, I am terribly sorry. We discuss more literature than anything in Restoration / 17th and 18th Century Literature. I'll try to see that we discuss less literature and more politics. It seems what I've learned about Cromwell, Charles I and II, James, Will and Mary, just isn't enough.

Perhaps if Dryden wrote a poem about Cavaliers I would be more learned on the subject.


Or, perhaps, I just don't care, as the point-of-view of Dr. Fowler states so clearly. If I don't know about something, well I just don't care.

I just don't get you kids today. What the hell is wrong with you??? You don't know and you don't care. You're already middle aged. Do ya think you're gonna pass this class just by staring?

Okay, yes, please, keep ranting. Oh, we could be learning about Shakespeare or Bunyan. Oh, but, no... No, no, we'll just listen to another on of your tirades about how utterly stupid we are and how we are wasting our youth.

Dear professor, why don't I speak up in class? What's the point? Seriously. Why should I speak up in class if you don't listen to a fucking thing a student has to say? We state our point, and of course, it's all wrong. Everything. Beowulf was a Christian poem, my ass. But, why should I defend my thesis? You'll probably just fail me.

Quote from today's class:

Students: But don't Presbyterians believe in pre-destination.
Professor: You can't believe everything you read in the tabloids, for Chrissake!

Dear God.


Tiffany Anne said...

sounds awful

Tokyo Pink said...

It's not so bad if you enjoy ABUSE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha, your friends are masochists and you never knew!

You should know about the Cavilears, they were opposed by the roundheads. You can't forget a name like roundheads... ever. It's just too darn funny.