Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Can't find the lyrics to this song anywhere online but I love it... trying to figure out all the lyrics:

metro boulot dodo
chaque jour, c'est le meme chose
metro boulot dodo
oo-ohh oo-ohh

Mon amie Jean Luc
Habite dans le rue
Il joue du batterie
Comme un vrai fous!

So far, that says:

metro boulot dodo
every day, it's the same thing
metro boulot dodo
Oo-ohh oo-ohh

My friend Jean Luc
Lives on the road (something, I'm probably not hearing it right)
He plays the drums
Like a crazy fool! (It says like a true/real fool, but it's kind of Québécois idiom.)

That's all I can remember... if you see the lyrics let me know. It's called Metro Boulot Dodo by Gary Flanagan


Anonymous said...

Blah-blah-blah, that sounds.... super.

Anonymous said...

I like the line with the do-do on it the best. haha, do-do...