Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Okay, so I'm back. Don't know how much I'll be blogging. It'll take some time to build up steam. Today, however, had good fodder for blogging.

There was a mandatory meeting for all returning students to discuss some new policies that the school had instated over the summer break. I was curious because I knew there had been a lot of changes and I wanted to know what was going on. The first item up for discussion was the new drinking policy. Of course, abide by the law, no one under 21 drinking, duh. 21 and up, have fun, don't die. There is a new rule: under 21 cannot be in a room where there is an open alcohol container. Empty bottles/cans constitute open container. It's kinda lame, yes, but it would never have been instated if there weren't so many irresponsible under 21 students. Also, there are the Rider University indictments which are giving college administrators all over the country panic attacks. Most schools are buckling down.

During the meeting the dean said that he wasn't looking to bust students who were, you know, just drinking a glass of wine in there room, if they are 21 and their roommate is 20. That's not the issue. The issue is the parties at the apartments where we have freshman who cannot make it back to their rooms.

So, of course, every under 21 student is up in arms. One girl said that the school was "discriminating against students under 21." Or, you know, maybe they're just trying to find a way to enforce the STATE LAW so you don't KILL YOURSELF. Maybe. I dunno.

The problem is that this meeting was not about the new drinking policy. It was about all the new policies. But we had to spend an hour while students had complaints. All the usual: you're just sending the students off campus, all my friends aren't 21, etc. Whatever. It seemed as if the most important thing to Belmont Abbey College students was the drinking policy.

I don't give a damn about the drinking policy. Why? Because we're RESPONSIBLE drinkers. Yes! It is possible. Maybe these complainers could try it. Let's see if we can go to a party and NOT wake up in a random bed. We are not wild party students in my suite. This dorm is 24-hour-silent (as opposed to the other dorms where it's just at night time). So, if you're drinking in Raphel Arthur, its really not a huge party. We have some wine or some mixed drinks, sure, but we've never had a noise complaint, we've never had any tickets.

And some people are, of course, assuming I don't care because I'm 22. Helloooo, all my friends are 20! They are all turning 21 this year. So, umm, yeah it does affect me. But, I seriously doubt it will be a problem. Ooooh nooooo: Mary is having a glass of wine in front of her 2o year old suite mates. Dr. L said that would not be a problem because I'm NOT DOING A KEG STAND.

So, bitch all you want. They're only going to say "I told you so" when your whole suite gets tickets.

My questions is: if an RA (resident advisor) is under 21 and knocks on my door, can I refuse to let him in because there is open containers of alcohol in the room? I sure hope so! :-)


Anonymous said...

So, no empty beer bottles with flowers in them this year?

Anonymous said...

Well...we'll just have to to to Charlotte for our martinis then, eh?

Tokyo Pink said...

You're twenty-two. I'll just close my door. :-)