Sunday, July 01, 2007

Yeah yeah, it's been a while, I know. Give me until the 20th of August and then you'll get all you need. Yes, dear readers, I miss you, too.

This is what's been up lately: I got back together with Jeff. That's been going okay. We fight a lot and, well, really it is all my fault. Sometimes, I'm an ornery little bitch. I've been working on not being mean, but it's gonna take some work. You can ask my sister, I can be pretty mean. Some people don't believe me. K Swiss, reader and friend, swears (or swore at one time) it's not true. I figure people who say that haven't done enough to tick me off, surprisingly. Not that I want to be mean. I really don't. But I have a hard time not being mean.

We were supposed to go to a water park tomorrow, White Water at Six Flags over Georgia. However, it calls for stormy weather all day tomorrow. That blows. I really hate electrocution. We were thinking about going out on the jet ski tomorrow if it's not so bad here. However, the forecast recently changed to mirror that of Atlanta's. Well, that sucks. We haven't been out at all.

I work at Walgreens more than the restaurant now. I like that job better. I get respect, insurance, oh, and pay-checks with proper routing numbers so they aren't sent back to me. Yeah.

I started working out at the Y and doing crunches. I'd like to say every day, but that'd be a lie. I used to have simply awesome abs, but those are long gone. I'd kinda like 'em back. They left when I started dating Jeff.

I haven't done much for trig but I'm going to start this week. Last week I made the effort to pull the book and the calculator out of a box. Eh, I'll get it done.

I'm looking forward to the new school year. I miss my friends so much! I'm really looking forward to living with my buds and catching up with friends. There is a specific friendship that I'd like to get back on a better track. Let's see if I can do that without screwing up too badly. I'm going to miss Tim and Andrew more than anything, but I'm sure they will visit. At least Andrew. His girlfriend still goes to the Abbey. I will always remember them though when I walk into my nicely cooled room and turn on the TV. (Andrew left me his TV and Tim left me his A/C unit! Woohoo!)

Right now, I'm watching Jeff play Half-Life 2. He just tried threw an exploding barrel at a monster and killed himself at the same time. Lame. Weak.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty fun summer, all things considered.

Tiffany Anne said...

i want to go to the lake with you all

Tokyo Pink said...

I want you to go to the lake with us, too!! I'll let you know next time we go out. Also, we're going to a water park (white water) if you wanna go.

Tiffany Anne said...

When are you going to a waterpark and how much is it?

Anonymous said...

We don't know yet, I have to see when I have a Monday or a Friday off, because those are the best days for us to go. It's about $30

Tiffany Anne said...

$30? Ummm...maybe count me out.

Anonymous said...

Wow, $30 breaks the bank? They must be ripping you off at your job. Also, Mary, as long as you are on the web you should post something! :)