Saturday, May 12, 2007

A little note: since I'm not at school right now, I don't spend two or three hours at least at a computer every day. That being said, until I move back in to the dorms, I will probably not update very much at all. I'm sorry, and I apologize. I'll be back in full force by August, hmm, 20th at least. Until then, expect at least one update a month, hopefully two. No promises, though.

Love all,


Anonymous said...

That's ok. Have a nice summer! Enjoy the warm weather. Work out. Get some sun by a pool or lake. Unwind and take it easy. But always remember... no sex with someone you can't see yourself marrying. That good advice kept my nose clean (mostly) through those long and enjoyable college summer vacations.

Anonymous said...

If you elope without inviting me. I'm making you maid-of-honor at my wedding and serving zero alcohol.

Do you really want to deal with extended Heuser's at a wedding with no alcohol?