Monday, April 16, 2007

Wow... I just signed up for classes. Ummmm... expect not to hear from me again next semester. Because of my crazy academic career, I need to buckle down and really get moving. So, my schedule for next semester:

EN202-01 English Literature with Fowler: MWF 1300-1350
EN304-01 17/18th Century British Literature with Harris: MWF 1100-1150
EN309-01 Literary Criticism with Hood: TR 0930-1045
FR201-01 Intermediate French I with STAFF: MWF 1400-1450
PH202-01 Intro Philosophy: Modern to Contemporary with Cooke: TR 1300-1415
TH202-05 Christian Thought:Reformation and Modern with Pitt: TR 1100-1215

So, that's 18 credit hours, plus about 30 hours studying a week, assuming that I read or write for two hours for each class, which I'll have to. Plus let's give me 14 hours for meal, I'll skip breakfast, 24 work hours a week, 8*7=56 sleep hours a week. Probably not doing KSW next semester.

18+30+14+24+56=142 hours

Yay! I have 26 free hours! Mostly to be spent napping, hanging out with people in my major who I think are smart so I can get smarter by proximity, reading for fun, because I still need to get through some of those yummy Tom Wolfe novels, oh and driving.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a lot of boring crap you have packed into that semester... I think I would start stockpiling coffee right now. At least you don't have any early classes, that should help.

Anonymous said...

what do you do with a BA in english?
what is my life going to be?
four years of college
and plenty of knowledge
have earned me this useless degree!

i was just going to say, "gosh, you're a nerd." but that song came to mind.

btw, check out not really an artist for a new poem that is so not me.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Mary