Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why were we at this place? This small wood and stone building with large windows set in the middle of the woods. We had hiked all day to get here. Myself, Michael, David, Mary Ellen, Andrew, McLeod, Gabriel and others. I stuck close to Andrew. We were not together. We hadn't been in sometime, but I could not get over the feelings. It confused many people, not excluding Andrew. There was this creature in the woods we had to study. We had brought enough supplies to stay a week. I wish it had been that simple.

On the first day, we got to the house safely. I did the women's work, unpacking the bags, setting up the sleeping areas. Mary Ellen worked in the kitchen preparing the evening meal. The men and the scientists had a meeting in the common room to discuss the creature. From what I heard it sounded something like a snake. Snakes, while a little creepy, were not much to be afraid of. I did not understand the expedition, but I was brought at Michael's request to be eyes and ears: to write what I saw. In addition, I would help with some of the household chores.

That night, after dinner and a community discussion of tomorrow's events, we all retired to our sleeping quarters. I tossed and turned for about an hour before stealing quietly into Andrew's room. I knocked lightly on the door and let myself in. There he lie with eyes wide awake. I knew he had been expecting me.

"You shouldn't be here," he whispered. I nodded and slipped under the covers with him. He pulled me closer and kissed me.

"What is this?" I had no words, so I buried his with my kisses. Soon the room was filled with soft moans and scent of our sweat. When he collasped on top of me, he kissed my forehead and repeated the question:

"What is this?"

Again, I had no real answer. I shook my head.

"What ever it ought to be," came the enigmatic reply. With that, we fell asleep, clinging to the life we found only in one another.


I was awakened the next morning by the arousing fragrance of fresh coffee wafting into his room. Mary Ellen knocked on the door. She entered and placed a tray with two cups of coffee on the dressed. She looked at us quizically. I lay with my arm holding the sheet to my chest and we both looking at the man sleeping next to me, and arm possesively wrapped around my waist. Mary Ellen said nothing and walked out of the room.

I brushed his hair from his face and it fell back to his cheeks like strands of rose-gold in the sunlight. I kissed him lightly on the lips and he pressed back with eagerness. He kissed my neck and my breasts, my back arching with pleasure. While we didn't have much time to get ready for the day, we spent the little time we had sweating in his bed.

The coffee was cold. I poured it down the drain as he showered. I stared through the clear plastic shower curtain and made short work of joining him.

We soon joined the rest of the party in the common room. Everyone was sipping on the coffee and partaking of Mary Ellen's delightful breakfast spread. I took a glass of orange juice for myself and listened quietly to McLeod's lecture. He explained where the expedition party would hike to and what they needed to bring. Being the one who would be packing the party's bags, I listened intently and made a mental list. Today, McLeod, Sheila, Christine, Andrew, Michael, and Ted would be making the trek.


At the end of the day, the party returned. They had not seen the creature and they were all tired and frustrated. Andrew was silent, which was disconcerting. I knew he would often try to distance himself from me, but I hoped we could become closer this week.

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