Wednesday, April 11, 2007

  • 8AM: Wake Up!
  • 9AM: American Government: gross and boring. St00pid uber conservative teacher. You don't have tenure! Ha!
  • 10AM: Study and eff around on the internet
  • 11AM: No, really, study.
  • 12PM: Lunch! Yum! First one this week!
  • 1PM: Crochet club! Gotta get those community service hours in!
  • 2PM: Theology. Awesome prof, but kinda zzzzz
  • 3PM: Pick up Tim 
  • 315PM: Andrew's thesis presentation on Aburdism! More on this later.
  • 5PM: Daily Mass, maybe.
  • 6PM: Dinner! w00t! First one this week!
  • 7PM: Studdy and eff around on the net again.
  • 8PM: No... really study!
  • 9PM: Bum around in Tim and Andrew's suite. Open the 7 Deadly Zins!
  • 11PM: Sleeeeep (I hope!)

Today is not so bad. I have a lot of room for moving things around because I don't have work. But really... I have GOT to get some studying done!

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Anonymous said...

Don't type it girl, go do it. School isn't free, you can't afford to be there forever. Make it happen, captin!