Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's so good to be going to Kuk Sool Won again! I have to say, I missed it a lot. I'm not gonna lie, everything there reminds me of Jeff. And why shouldn't it? It was his before it was mine. Every time I work on a technique that we worked on together, every time we bow in, every time I practice with a Jyo Kyo Nym on some new techniques...

But still, I enjoy going. It's a good work out and Pu Sah Bum Nym Jason is a good instructor. I miss the school in Anderson, though, and it will be good to be back for the summer.

It's crazy to realize that I never gave myself time off. That I've had someone, some guy, for the past nine years. It's good, well I tell myself that at least, to be single and have me time. No, I lie. It sucks. I miss crawling into a warm bed. I miss kisses and hugs. I miss hand holding.

Regardless, this was meant to be a post about Kuk Sool Won, not about relationships.

So, right

I'm working on Maek Chi Ki and Maek Cha Ki for techniques and I'm working on Joong Geup Hyung and Goh Geup Hyung. I will be testing for my brown stripe in two weeks, April 21. Maybe I will advance enough to do the five hour test this June. It's crazy how much I've advanced in one year. Last July, I was a yellow belt, I think maybe I had a blue stripe. This July, I'll be a brown belt.

The first time I met Kuk Sah Nym, the grandmaster, I was not a Kuk Sool Won practitioner. He told me in his crazy Korean accent: "Ahh, you need more practice." I wasn't in a uniform or anything. Well, after you are promoted or after, well, a lot of stuff, you say: "I need more practice, sir!" I thought it was funny when he said that, but I bowed and said: "yes, sir." Or something to that extent.

I love the etiquette in Kuk Sool Won. This is one of the reasons that I love my school in Anderson so much. Etiquette is so important there! In Matthews, they called PSBN by his first name! I am not sure I could ever call Kwang Jang Nym by anything other than that. Oh, well, and sometimes I refer to him as "The Kwanj" because that's how KJN sounds "kwanja nym." Oh, our American pronunciation is so horrendous!

For some reason, whoever was taking the picture wasn't able to get a photo of us without flash or being blurry! Oh well, this was the best. This is Kuk Sah Nym, Kyo Sah Nym Jeff and Me after the black belt testing and seminar last year. KSN Jeff is holding his certificate of 2nd Dahn, which he had received moments earlier. During the seminar, we were taught sword sparring and sword meditation (which you do before you begin any sword form).

This is after the tournament this year, which I was not able to attend. Kyo Sah Nym Jeff is demonstrating Paek Pahl Ki Hyung, the first degree black belt form.


Anonymous said...

Anna, Tool, Set, Net, Tassut, Ilgup....

Tokyo Pink said...

You missed! You said: one, two, three, four, five, seven!

Of course, all spelling is different, because there is no official phonetic spelling of the korean language but, thus spake Correcto:

Hah Nah, Dul, Set, Net, Dah Suht, Yuh Suht, Il Gohp, Yuh Duhl, Ah Hohp, Yuhl!

Anonymous said...

And here you said you didn't do sports. The martial arts are highly athletic.

Anonymous said...

Haha, missed a couple, no wonder I used to get through those practice sets so fast :)

Tokyo Pink said...

No no no, I said I don't do spectator sports like basketball, softball, and soccer!

Here, is where this first came up. You'll see again where I say "team sports: no soccer or softball for us. But, we do love to exercise."

So, I love martial arts, but I don't like team sports. I mean, I lurrve to watch hockey, football, and basketball. Yes. I love to spectate, yes I do!