Thursday, April 19, 2007

Here I am! Sorry for not posting, I do miss it, but so often I find I have very little to post. Working has been keeping me busy. Contemplating what the fuck to do about some certain thing has been keeping me busy. Oh, and I'm very anxious about next week. I'm sure one of my readers knows why.

Also, I have not been altogether well. I've been having random dizzy spells, combined with bouts of fatigue and weakness-- kinda feels like my blood sugar is low. I think it may be that for the fatigue because then I drink a soda or something and I feel a bit better. Usually, though, I still have to take a nap.

Oh, and my other problem, the one that I prefer not to say it's name because it's kinda gross, has been much worse lately. I mean, it's been going on for TWO YEARS. So, yeah, it kinda pisses me off. The problem itself is not... sooo bad. Well, it's not good, but I'd rather live with it than go to the doctor. (Yeah, I fucking hate going to the doctor, less than the dentist though.) I attribute the acute abdominal pain to that chronic problemo. Do you know what that means? I continue to have this not-to-be-named problem (for two fking years) and randomly, really it's only happened 3 times, with quite rapid onset, I have this unbearable abdominal pain. Usually, though, I can feel it coming and prevent it. Like, today, it might come, but I think it will not, because I will take preventative measures, but sometimes, I don't know when it's coming.

Oh well. Really, it's not so bad. It just kinda sucks

It sucks to be you
On Avenue Q
(Sucks to be me)
On Avenue Q
(Sucks to be you)
On Avenue Q
(Sucks to be us)
But not when
We're together.
We're together
Here on Avenue Q!
We live on Avenue Q!
Our friends do too!
'Til our dreams
Come true,
We live on Avenue Q!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you have mono! It's the kissing disease, and you have been known to kiss the boys :) That would make you tired. Don't worry about work, it gets easier after you have a few months to settle in. Nice to hear from you, we all know your super busy. I try and read your sisters post, but all she talks about is pooping two year olds :)

Tokyo Pink said...

No, it's not mono, it's obvious from the other symptoms. Also, it is a different kind of fatigue. I kinda think it's anemia.

Anonymous said...

Well, in that case you should go to a doctor. Weather you want to or not. Don't most colleges usually have walk in clinics for free? Your sure it's not just being tired from doing too much?

Tiffany said...

and pooping four year olds, thank you very much.