Friday, April 13, 2007


I haven't really felt much like writing lately. Can you tell? So, I'm bored and I don't want to sleep because I don't want to dream tonight. I've been kinda bummed lately. Why? Who could say? I've got such a bad understanding of my emotions anyway.



Here I am. I kinda wish I was in another country. Another county even! It would be fun to run away. I want to do something drastic.

But... I must conform...

I have class and work tomorrow. Boo (whores)


I thought about stopping writing there because who likes to read long posts. I usually get better responses off of short posts. Who the fffff

I've been cursing a lot lately. I love the way the word fuck and fucking sounds rolling of the tongue. It doesn't roll, actually. It catapults itself. It's such a raw, sharp word. FUCK. Fuck you. Fucking trees. Fucking noises.

I've been feeling the need for touch lately. Andrew said I tried to steal a snuggle from him. Andrew won't snuggle because it's special to him. He only snuggles with his girlfriend and his PLP. Which, you know, I get. I wanna a fucking PLP. Why don't I have one?

You know why? Because I have never ever ever fit in so well anywhere and people... well, people just don't like me. Don't-- don't give me any bullshit. It's true. Go ask. They know it. The fuckers I hang out with, they know it. Psshht! You don't know me! (inside joke)

Fuck this, Fuck that and fuck all of you.

No. Not really. I'm not angry. I'm kinda null. I'm so fucking emotional and I wish I was more intellectual.

The color I used for the word "fuck" on top makes me think of some great ice cream or some dessert I had when I was a kid. I don't remember what it was, but I want it now.

I don't need someone rock hard conservative, because, guess what? I'm not. I don't need someone who is rock hard liberal, because I'm not that either. Actually, what I mean is I don't need someone who is closemindedly liberal or conservative. Actually, screw them. No one needs them. You disagree with them and, ahh, what? No. You're wrong. I read about that. Yeah. In a BOOK! So, you know. You're... yeah. You're wrong.

The purpose the way Kobe beef cows are raised is to make happy cows. They are fed beer to make them relax and they get massages. The run around and play in the fields. I know, wtf, right? Who has ever seen a friggin' cow running and playing in a field. I have, suckas! The kobe beef cows. Don't worry, when they see the knife, they get scared, so you can still eat their fear.


Anonymous said...

Hah, I laughed out loud at my desk when I saw your headine. :) Fuck is indeed a great word, it's got pop. Like when you warm up a pitcher on your highschool baseball team... those balls snap in fast with a crisp pop of your glove... firing off a good fbomb feels just like that.

Everyone feels like running away when the heat is on, and seeing as how your finishing up another year of school while starting a new job.... well I can imagine the stress is terrible. My heart goes out to you young lady! I'd be happy to snuggle with you if I lived down South. :)

What's a PLP? I've never heard of Kobe beef cows but they sound delicious :)


Tokyo Pink said...

Platonic Life Partner, like JD and Turk on Scrubs. :-D

Tokyo Pink said...

Plus... Kobe beef really is freaking amazing. Next time you're at a sushi restaurant, ask for a Kobe beef nigiri. Zomg... It's amazing.

Anonymous said...

That is 100% Hilarious! I need to learn to bug like Turkleton, he's got some moves. And that JD, he's instilled in me a desire to try an Appletini like none other :)

Anonymous said...

I've never been to a sushi place...

Tokyo Pink said...

Never? Holy cow. Go to one. Now. tonight. It's awesome. Get nigiri. I think it's the best. Don't get california rolls. Sooo boring. I recommend a chef choice nigiri plate.

Anonymous said...

What is nigiri? I'm allergic to shellfish, so I hope it doesn't have shrimp in it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to have your ears cleaned by a professional :) I hear that makes you feel better.

Tiffany said...

Crazy Mary is a slow girl who looks up to no one.
Would do anything for a cold one.
Wishes she could find her way home.
Got the look on her face and her stare's like ray gun.
We walked by everyday
and I wish there was something I could do for her.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's K Swiss.

I'm not rock hard conservative am I? Sometimes, I think that I am. It's a heritage thing. Sometimes, I think that I am more politcally confused than anything.

Good post! Contrary to likelihood, the longer post grabbed my attention more. Okay, so maybe it was just the giant purple-ish "FUCK" at the top of the post. You know a really good song to sing when you want to let out your stress by saying th F-word? "Fuck a Dog," by Blink 182. "I...wanna fuck a dog in the ass, wanna fuck a dog in the ass, I wanna fuck a dog." hahaha!! What a horrible song. Shame one me, but it sure is fun to sing sometimes. Look it up! And listen to all the words. It rokks and it makes no sense, which is perfect. Anyway, whether or not you listen to the song and like it, I'm sure everything will be alright and that you'll find someone someday, whether it's a PLP or the love of your life. Maybe you just need a dog. But not for fucking. Stupid song...