Monday, April 30, 2007

Exam week is upon us and I have been... studying? No! I've been catching up on episodes of The Deadliest Catch on Discovery. It's about crab fishing in Alaska and it's probably my favorite show. I really ought to be figuring out this progressivism stuff and memorizing quotes for gov't, but to be honest, I care as much about this class as Tiffany cares about anything political. (Yeah, we all know how apathetic she is.) Plus, I'd missed the past three episodes.

I went online and found out that the Northwestern has a website and everything, so if anyone ever wants to buy me a gift, you can get me a shirt from them!

Anyway, tomorrow I have my gov't exam at 1300 and have to be at work at 1500. Tuesday, I think I have the day off. It'll be spent writing an essay on the history of theatre starting with worshippers of Dionysus and ending with, well now. How about I end with Spring Awakening or something. That's a good, hip, new musical.

Speaking of musicals, I'm going to go see two musicals!!! I'm going to go see Jesus Christ Superstar(featuring the one and only Ted Neely!) in May and The Lion King in August! I'm so excited. I know, I know, my inner geek is showing (and none to straight). Shut up, you know you're jealous.

Anyway, this will be my last week of school. I hope to transfer to a Walgreens closer to home so I don't have to take anytime off. I really like my job, suprisingly (to me). Much more than I thought I would. Partly in due to all the awesome people at my work. There is only one person I don't like, but he is pretty tolerable. All the managers that I work with are really awesome. I knew this would be a better decision than that restaurant. How great to work were you feel respected and needed.

Okay well, I'm going to go to bed.

I'll leave you with this:
Someone mocking how much I dig FV/Northwestern skipper Sig: "You can fish for my cod any day!"

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Anonymous said...

My brother went out west to work on a fishing ship a few years ago. He missed the start of the season by a week and ended up living in Seattle for awhile before getting my mother to wire him money for the drive back home. So I guess my post doesn't relate to anything, actually.

My grandparents and mother went to see that traveling JCSS play when it was in Milwaukee (back in January) They said it was really good, but the dress Mary M. is in makes her ass look distractingly huge. She might have been an understudy though, so maybe you won't see that.

Of course they like you at Walgreens, you're a better worker than that job deserves.