Monday, April 23, 2007

Email I got this morning:

To the Abbey Community:

I wanted to alert you to a transition in the Student Affairs team. Kristy Dudley is no longer in the position of Director of Residence Life and has left the college. Effective immediately Abby Curfman will serve in the position of Director of Residence Life.

I have every confidence in Abby and her residence life team to ensure a smooth transition is in place during this critical time of the academic year.

Dr. Lucas Lamadrid
Vice President for Enrollment Management
& Student Affairs
Abbey College

ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus


Now, it sounds to me like Kristy either quit or was fired. I'm indulging in a fantasy involving a screaming match, things being thrown and other optional drama.

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Anonymous said...

:P Maybe debauchery was involved. Work that into your story as well.