Thursday, March 01, 2007

Today has been such a freaking awesome day!!! After my first class, I get back to my dorm and take a shower. After shower, I put on sparing clean clothing and French synthpop and proceed to bounce all over my room! I love to dance!

Trig went surprisingly well today. I asked R. Tiwari the application of this section because there were not application problems. He said I could use it to excercise my brain. What else? I could pick up guys! Ha! What is the point of literature, he asked? I said, I love literature, that is why I read so much of it. I don't love trig. He found that acceptable. Tiwari is probably one of the best professors. You should come down for a weekend when he is showing a movie! I will introduce you if you don't know him and we will all watch some amazing movies!

I had a yummy burger for lunch and too much sugary soda! I try not to eat burgers too much. It's okay, none tomorrow. It's Friday! I like to mix the cherry soday and the orange soda. Totally toothsome (not as much as some other things I can thing of).

Abbey cut my hair today. It's about chin-length, and so amazing. It's so bobby and fun! So, what did I do? I danced. Dance, dance, dance the night away!!! We went to the fourth floor of Stowe. Come visit and I will share it with you! It is amazing. (Of course, I understand this is far away for some of you dear readers.)

Mass, then dinner. After dinner --which was filled with hilarious talk of superheros and fishtanks... yes-- Tim, Andrew, Alex and I walked back. There were so many lakes! Tim D. and Billie were definitely boating in one of the lakes with a giant rubbermaid bin and a broom. Then they started to wrestle. She was wearing a black bra and white shirt. If Tim D. were a girl, it would be a beer comercial and I would feel like I had to pay.

I love the ran! So, I tore my sweater off and handed it and my purse to Andrew. (I'm still wearing a tee shirt.) I skipped all around in the rain and spun in circles. Things just get me spinning so high, so happy. I jumped in a giant puddle and it soaked me up to the crotch! Ha! It was great. Then I just ran around and danced in the rain. I was drenched like a wet rat. It was so great! I love it when it rains and I'm in the process of going wild. (Oh, you don't know what me going wild means? That is a story for a different time!)

I changed and hung out in Tim, Andrew, and Alex's suite until Andrew and Alex left for rehersal. I went to Michael's and got some yarn. I drove all over Belmont and Gastonia with my speakers blaring. It was delightful! I went to Bi-Lo and got cheap college kid "Boone's farm" which has 4% alcohol. Less than beer! Lol! Drinking a whole bottle is less than drinking four beers! Anyway, sharing it with my buds.

Tonight, after rehersal, we are playing soccer in the quad, which, you know, is now a river.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun, but getting wet is a good way to catch a cold :) Hope you took a shower and threw on something dry before settling down for drinks. The fast food joint Wendy's has a burger around here that is guaranteed to give you a stomached ache, the 4alarm chicken sandwich. Chicken, hot chipotle sauce, jalapeno's, peperjack cheese. Mmmm, delicious.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! Van Halen! Dance the Night Away one of my absolute favorite songs of all time. You rokk!

-K Swiss ;-)

Tokyo Pink said...

Less talk, more rokk!