Friday, March 16, 2007

Song For A Girl
John Dryden (1631-1700)

Young I am, and yet unskill'd
How to make a lover yield;
How to keep, or how to gain,
When to love, and when to feign.

Take me, take me, some of you,
While I yet am young and true;
Ere I can my soul disguise,
Have my breasts, and roll my eyes

Stay not till I learn the way.
How to lie, and to betray;
He that has my first, is blest,
For I may deceive the rest.

Could I find a blooming youth,
Full of love, and full of truth,
Brisk, and of jaunty mien,
I should long to be fifteen.


Anonymous said...

Why is that credited to a John, this sounds like a girl perspective?

Tokyo Pink said...

It was written by a man. A good writer can write things they may never experience (first person at least).

Anonymous said...

True, but I'll bet he wore women's panties under his victorian pantaloons.

Tokyo Pink said...

HAHHAHA!!! :-P Crazy. lol, perhaps