Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sigh. I've been gone for so long. It's been one crazy week. It was spring break but I was not in Cancun or Ft. Lauderdale or wherever is the place to go. I was at home.

To my absolute delight we've started carrying my favorite wine! Menage a trois! I could not work a shift without getting a glass for my shift drink. Now, it is a blend (Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and Merlot) so if you are not into blends, I do not recommend. Try Castle Rock Pinot Noir. It's simply delightful!!! If you do like blends, indulge a bit in this bottle. You are sure to not regret it!

Further, I had to move out of Jeff's apartment. That was really rough. Whether or not I am still in love with him (I'm not), whether or not I regret my decision (I do not), it was difficult. It is not so much turning over a new page in life as it is ripping a page from a journal-- which he did. We wrote in a journal to each other, as he had such a difficult time with communication (this was eventually one of the major downfalls). When I came to get my stuff, he handed me the journal with all the written on pages ripped out except for one: "February 5. Today, Mary broke up with me." He ripped up and threw out most the other pages except ones where he had written a list of all the things he liked about me. This made me cry, so so hard. He was my best friend for a long time. There will be nothing now. I understand, of course, but it is still hard. While I was packing (and crying) he left and went to the movies. I immediately called a friend who comforted me. I was sobbing so hard. I really had just lost one of my best friends. I left and went to Stations of the Cross at my church. I felt so much better just being there. Sigh, aye me.

Now the problems lie with school work. I am dropping Organismal Diversity. I am embracing the lit lover in my soul and focusing on English. Plus, I failed the last test (by 1.5 points). Next semester, I plan on taking 17th/18th Century Brit Lit, Literary Criticism, Shakespeare's Comedy's, Ethics, Ballroom Dancing, and French (these last two are hopeful, as the ballroom dancing and french still need working out). This semester, I am having serious problems with Trigonometry. I have been to tutoring and to my professors office, but I still need so much help! I will be going to my professors office regularly to work on my homework. No class has ever clicked so poorly.


Anonymous said...

Lots of stuff in that post! I never went out on a travel based spring break, staying at home and resting was break enough. Plus, that saved much needed dough!

Menage a trois? Do you suppose I could pick that up at a big liquor store? I'll try it out on your recomendation if I can get my hands on it.

Surprised to hear a good Catholic girl like you was "living in sin" :) A lot of relationships that could have worked out are ruined by taking that step way to early, in my opinion. On the other hand, I don't know how much of a future you two had if he wasn't much of a talker. You are kind of ..... verbose. Even more than the average girl. :) I feel sad for both of you.

Dropping organismal diversity seems like a bad idea for someone who loves microbes. Don't wory about failing a test. I've failed a few in my day and I'm none the worse for wear in the end. You aren't in school for the grades anyhow, you're there for the knowledge. In fact, one of the first tests I ever failed was in College Trig! I ended up taking 30 credits of calculus level mathametics, so I can tell you for sure that one bad class does not a careerbuster make. Can I ask if you have been keeping up with the homework and making sure you are getting the right answers before you quit. That's a big part of getting the mechanics down.

Tokyo Pink said...

I have such a funny relationship with biology. I really really hate it. But I love micro. But after much thought consideration, I have decided that I'd like a career where I can be more creative... So I've moved from "English major, bio minor" to soley english major. Actually, I will probably minor in philosophy because it's only one extra class because of what I have to take for my major.

Yeah, I was not such a good catholic girl in the past 2 years... this past month has been amazing for me getting back on a good path.

Do you have a Total Wine? I love that store! Anyway, you can pick it up there for sure. But, yeah, it shouldn't be too hard to find. It's a delightful blend!

Tokyo Pink said...

Oh, and keeping up with the homework is something I am working on with trig... it's difficult because I don't get it at all. But I went to my profs office today and I turned in my most over due section. I'm catching up slowly but surely. :-)

Anonymous said...

Total Wine? Yeah right, we have discount liquor by my place. Where they keep a worker in the aisle all the time to make sure no one stuffs a bottle under their shirt. Still though, they have a lot-a booze and wine, maybe I'll go over their on payday and take a look.

Anonymous said...

You can get menage a trois from Publix.

Tokyo Pink said...

Oh yea, I have found it at Publix and Ingles (two grocery stores here) but it was 11-13 clams at the grocery store and 7.5 clams at total wine! Anyway, where ever.

Anonymous said...

No publiks here, I'll try Piggly Wiggly.