Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh dear... I just watched the video that PETA made about Mepkin Abbey's chickens. I'm rather upset. Why is PETA picking on monks? From what is said, it is obvious the real concerns lie with the United Egg Producers' guidelines. "Over 90 percent of the eggs produced in the United States are produced under these guidelines." The monks did not make up the rules, they are just following them.

"I don't like the conditions the chickens live in, but I'm in no position to change that," says my brother. The chickens live in the same conditions of every chicken. A few to a cage, really close together, you know? But that is well within the guidelines. So, why pick on monks? It must have hurt their business pretty badly.

And poor Brother Dismas!!! He works with the chickens so he was identified in several of the scenes. Leo said he was really shaken up about it. I know he's a good person. I know that he loves the Lord.

It sucks...

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, well PETA thinks that little polar bear cub in Germany should be allowed to starve to death rather than be forced to "live with humans", so I generally don't take much stock by what they say. Most of them don't like people as a group all that much.