Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mepkin Abbey

I went to Mepkin Abbey this weekend! Mepkin Abbey is a Trappist monastery in Moncks Corner, SC, right outside Charleston. My brother lives there, yay! My school, Belmont Abbey College, visits Mepkin every semester. I'll be putting photos on here as I get them. It was sooo beautiful.

This is outside the church. There were these great trees, but I don't even know what they were... Anyway, they were lovely. Oh and if the photography sucks, I took them all with my cell phone because something is wrong with my camera!

A great palm tree outside of where we were staying. Leo says it gets this fruit that "tastes like shampoo smells." So, maybe not so tasty...

There were a bunch of great oak trees!!! They all has Spanish moss on them. It made the trees look like they were melting.

Ann and Brian running up the hill to tackle me. Ann is scary! Ha!

Abbey taking a picture of one of the funny monk signs :-) They were all over the place, directing you where to go.

The funny monk sign :-)

Abbey looking adorable while we walk to prayer. I swear she skips and spins everywhere!!!

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