Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mepkin Abbey Statues and Such

This is a statue of Jesus and Peter in the cornfield, if you know that story.

Ahh, the lovely evenings!!! The sun was beginning to set and I just love how this oak looks, hanging over the water here!!

After hurricane Hugo, a couple great oak trees got knocked down. One of the monks carved this with a chain saw!!! Crazy, huh? It's the Holy Family in the flight to Egypt.

And, it's also a chair!!!!

This is another one of the oaks that got knocked down. Brian and I sat there and watched the lizards for a while and talked about stuff.

This oak had this great area underneath the roots to just sit. Ant lions lived there! So cool. Brian and I played with them for a while. They're these little bugs that make this depression in the sand and wait for a creature to slip in. Then, they gobble them up!!!

I'm not sure where this goes actually, but visitors aren't allowed in there. It's behind the cloister walls. It's lovely though.

Our Lady of Mepkin

A mural on some tiles behind Our Lady of Mepkin

The Luce cemetery

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