Friday, March 16, 2007

~*~Marizzle and Tiffizzle~*~

She is the ham with the hat on. Aren't we adorable!

I'm the one with purple hair, because we all know purple hair is freaking sweet!


Anonymous said...

Cute as buttons, both of you. Hmm, tough call. Fraternal would be my guess, your sisters lips seem a touch fuller. But that could just be lipstick. You're hiding on the second picture (pic one is a dead link in my browser), the jawline is an easier spot to judge imho. Not that I have much experience, I've only ever known one other pair of twins. They were easy to tell apart, as one was a guy and one was a girl.

Tiffany said...

My lips look fuller in the picture because they're heavily coated in lip gloss and I'm making a 'kissy face' as is so popular with girls these days.

Anonymous said...

Oh you wacky ladies, what will you think of next :)