Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It must have been about two years ago. Jeff and I were at mass at St. Joseph's in Anderson, SC. After mass, we walk to our car. There is a middle-aged-to-older man walking in front of us. We get to our car and I watch the man walk to his. I don't remember what it was exactly, but it was this delicious, old, cherry red convertable. I had my hands clasped together, hanging down in front of my skirt. I grinned a schoolgirl's grin.

"I love your car," I told the man. He winked at me and grinned back.


With a slight swagger, he got to his car and got in. Turning the ignition, he revved the engine. I gave a noise of delight.

He put the car in drive and was off with some loud thunderous sounds.

"You know," said Jeff, waiting by my open door, "he did that for you."

"Oh, no," I said, still grinned. I sat in the seat and aranged my skirt. Jeff slipped into the driver's seat. "You think so?"

Jeff smiled at me and turned the key to his blue-green Dodge Colt and we made our way home.


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Tokyo Pink said...

True story. Man, that was a sweet car.

Anonymous said...

My first car was a Dodge Colt! That was a fun little car. It was mostly window with a little engine and narrow hatchback trunk. I miss that thing. :(