Friday, March 30, 2007

I spent days, stupid, nailed to your floor
I spent nights pressed against you just trying to keep warm
But you don't know me at all...

Show me where the sun comes through the sky
Show you where the rain comes through and I'll
Show you hurricanes
And the way that summer fades
So you can pick me up just to put me down again
Underneath the weight of it all


In the light
In the daylight it's all wrong
To revel in your memory
The smell of your body
And the seconds that it kept me warm

And I'm coming down
Hitting ground
Breaking open
Twisted around
The sweet sound of the lies you told
When you were broken

I'm not a monster I believe
like a liar would believe
helps me navigate the wooden smiles, the raging sea
all my heroes pull their heads
like a fighter would I guess
no one ever really likes getting older

angel you sing about beautiful things
and all I want to do is believe
but I traded my dreams for this mess of memories
and they just stopped working for me


And it's amazing
With the look in your eyes
Like you could save me
But you won't even try
And then you tell me again
How everything will be alright

And if I told you
That I'm sorry
Would you tell me that you were wrong
Or would you hold me down forever
If I came to your for answers

And I saw
Pictures in my head
And I swear I saw you opening up, again
Cuz I would be heavenly
if baby you'd just rescue me, now


Anonymous said...

So What's That From?

Tokyo Pink said...

Those are all from Matt Nathanson songs. :-)