Sunday, March 25, 2007

I had an amazing weekend. Today, all four girls accidentally slept in until 6am! Oops! (Isn't that crazy... 6 am is sleeping in!!!) Ann was up and then I got up and we were talking. Then Ariel comes out of her room "What??? It's six o'clock!" and then we were like, wouldn't it be funny if Abbey were still here, too? So, I open her door and flip the lights on and, oops!, wake up Abigail!

Dinner last night was neat. It was just bread and cheese and fruit -- I guess because it's Lent? -- but I thought it was delightful! It seemed so sparse, but I was so full! I had two slices of rye with mayo and swiss on each. I had a slice of bread with some apricot preserves, and two apricots! What a dinner! Oh, and a glass of orange juice. I have decided to eat some fruit every day, so being at Mepkin was good because for breakfast and dinner I would have some fruit in the form of actual fruit or preserves, and a glass of orange juice at every meal! If I had a fridge, I would only drink orange juice! Yum!!!

It was so beautiful! I got to see some crazy secret places that other people did not see, because they did not know where to look! There are some hermitages out in the woods and Brother Robert (who is pretty old) make a bunch of neat places to sit and just meditate and watch nature... These were made about 40 years ago and are still standing! Wow! So neat!

On Saturday, Br. John gave Leo the day off! :-) Yay! I went to Lauds (5:30), Breakfast (6:00) Mass (7:30) and Terce (another prayer, right after mass). After Terce, Brian, Ariel, Adam and I went exploring! We wandered around for a couple hours. Then I went to the room and relaxed and crocheted until Sext (midday prayer). After Sext is dinner, then None (say it: noan) which is another prayer, said while still in the dining room. After None, Leo and I went exploring for about an hour. Then we walked back and Leo borrowed a golf cart and we drove all over the place! He showed me the slave cemetery, and the new hermitage (see photo's on my photoblog). So much fun! Then he dropped me back off at the house that the girls were staying at (St. Benedict's). I rested for a while then Ann woke me up for supper. After supper is Vespers. Then everyone in our group walked around taking photos. 7:35 we went to Compline, which is my favorite of the prayers! After Compline, Ann, Brian and I hung out with Leo and two other guys there named Dismas and Sepehr! It was fun, they are so awesome.

We stayed until 10:30 on Sunday... we were supposed to leave earlier but Ann and Abbey were driving the golf cart around with me and Leo, hahah! It was fun.

What a great weekend... Tiffy, I wish you could've come but, oh well... another time.


Anonymous said...

Your sister will be happy to see you've posted. She's been quite bored this weekend.

Tiffany said...

i've actually had a fabulous weekend

until i get away from my computer, then it's the worst ever.

so, yay for long posts.

yeah, mary, i really REALLY wish i could have come.

maybe you will be down before Thursday, so the three of us can hang out together know. i mean, i know you are in school so if you can't that's okay.