Monday, March 26, 2007

Goin for Walks at Mepkin Abbey

Went on a walk with Leo on Saturday:

Leo in front of the twisty oak. At the foot of the oak, underneath a ... toe... I guess, is a little Tupperware with a tiny notebook and a pen for people to write in it! So, I wrote "Preach the gospel at all times, if necessary use words. -St. Francis of Assisi"

On our walk, we found this really sketch dock. Looked like it might fall apart any minute. But, still, of course, we walked on it. But, we did not die, ladies and gentlemen. Did not die.

This is one of the older hermitages in the woods. It's smaller than my bed. It's kinda falling apart. It's for those hardcore hermits

This is a newer hermitage, much nicer!!! I would stay here over night maybe if I could.

Leo borrowed the golf cart and drove us around. We went to the newer hermitage, the slave cemetery, and around the woods. It was great

Br. Robert, back in his younger sprier days, used to build these crazy contraptions to watch nature and meditate from. This is one of them....


A walk with everyone on the last day:

On the last day, after mass, we all took a walk. From left right this is Leo, Brian, Sepehr, Ann, and Abbey

Me and Leo during the walk

Leo and Sepehr

After our walk we went into the gift shop. Brother Bird was in there. He's got the same haircut as Fr. Elrid (sp?) who plays guitar at mass and is the proctor.

And a couple more random photos from Mepkin:
Okay, last Mepkin photos... these were hiding on my phone and I just e-mailed them to myself today...

I'm facing the road you drive in on... also, there are some monks down the road, but you can't see them! Boo...

This is one of the monk's bikes. The ride them to work and around the grounds. 70 year old monks riding around on beach cruisers is absolutely adorable!!!

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